A history of our Club Badge

TBC Badge

The present Club Badge dates from 1946, at which time a request was made to our Honorary President Sir John Stirling Maxwell, Baronet, Knight of the Thistle and Superior of the Lands of Pollok, in which Titwood is situated, to grant the use of part of his personal crest and motto for incorporation into a proposed badge, a sketch of which showed a shield with a blue cross on a white background.

In response, Sir John gave his permission to make whatever use of his crest and motto that was deemed appropriate in the preparation of the new badge, and to be authoritative, the shield should be, in heraldic terms, "Sable on Argent". The arms "Argent on a Saltire Sable" are unique in the armorial world to the Lords Maxwell. Maxwell of Nether Pollok placed a gold ring at the centre of his black saltire.

The badge was, therefore, re-designed to show the shield with a black cross, with a gold ring at its centre, on a white background together with the motto "I AM READY". As a crest and motto is a personal possession, Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, the Lord Lyon King of Arms, was contacted. He insisted that although full permission had been granted by Sir John, the words "under patronage" must be incorporated and it is for this reason that the words appear on the badge. Titwood Bowling Club is fortunate to be the recipient of this unique honour.

The crest and motto of Sir John Stirling Maxwell, Knight of the Thistle, can be seen on the enamelled stall plate on the richly carved wooden panelling within the Thistle Chapel, St Giles Cathedral, the High Kirk of Edinburgh. It is stall 6/4, bears the motto "I AM READY" and is dated 1929. The stall plate is the work of Elizabeth Kirkwood.

The most ancient and noble Order of the Thistle is Scotland's great order of chivalry and membership is considered to be one of the country's highest honours. The order is traditionally given to Scots or people of Scots ancestry who have given distinguished service. Appointments are entirely in the personal gift of the Sovereign.